Since 1980, Classic Upholstery & Foam of Anacortes, WA has been offering quality upholstery services. We provide foams and cushions for a variety of furniture as well as RV and Marine. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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Re-Upholstery Services
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About Classic Upholstery & Foam

Classic Upholstery has an outstanding reputation for quality and timely services. A sole ownership that started 35 years ago in Mount Vernon, and has since moved to Anacortes. The shop is located within blocks of 3 marinas. With a crew of three craftmen, you will always find someone in the shop to help you. They are a knowledgable staff, which thru experience, are able to guide you and make decision efforts, easier.

You can visit us we are open 5 days a week @ 220 Commercial Ave Anacortes

Our Services

With our Super Team you can fully customize your upholstery design.

We have the can-do mentality needed to get your projects done on time, on budget, and with excellence.

We offer fabrics that not only showcase great design but also withstand the elements.

We are reupholstery professionals and master designers that you can trust your valuable pieces to.

A sole ownership that started out 35 years ago in Mount Vernon, and has since moved to Anacortes.


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